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SEO and Optimization Complete video course

One of the topics that has been very much considered among Iranian webmasters a while ago is SEO and site optimization for the search engine.Certainly, the higher the site is, the more powerful it is, the higher the site ranking is in the search engines.In this training suite, which is the Linda product, you will get familiar with a series of SEO techniques and site optimization.

Course Heading List

1. Understand the importance of indexing pages in the search engine

2. Use Google AdWords Tool to find and analyze keywords

3. How to treat frame, iframe and popup on web pages

4. Build SEO-friendly URLs

5. Use meta tags

6. Clear the cluttered code

7. Build internal site links

8. Review the content of the page

9. Build Sitemap in HTML and XML format

10. Linking other sites

SEO and Optimization Video Complete video course

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