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Full WordPress Tutorial Videos

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Course Heading List

1 Introduction to WordPress and its basic concepts

2 Install WordPress

3 Full WordPress User Interface Training

4 Introducing WordPress Codex and Support Forums

5 Manage user profiles

6 General settings and other WordPress settings

7 Work with skins and view and edit site shell files

8 Use the default path to WordPress theme shells

9 Manual and automatic shell installation

10 Post in WordPress

11 Edit edits and quick editing

12 Content formatting and preview preview

13 Send links and links to email in WordPress

14 Posting and content scheduling settings

15 Understanding Excerpts, Trackbacks, and Pingbacks

16 Insert password for content

17 Work with multimedia files, upload photos and videos and files

18 Work with categories, tags and WordPress tabs

19 Build and manage Blogroll

20 Manage full comments

21 Changing the structure of site content links and RSS structure

22 Work with widgets

23 Create custom widgets by Dreamweaver

24 Install and manage WordPress plugins

25 export the database

26 Database optimization

27 Upload a WordPress site from first to full setup

Full WordPress Tutorial Videos

Download Full WordPress Tutorial Videos


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