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Java (Java) is an object-oriented programming language created for the first time by James Gusling at Sun Microsystems Inc. and released in 1995 as part of the Java Platform. Java language is similar to ++ C, but the object-oriented model is easier and supports lower-level capabilities. One of Java's core capabilities is to automatically manage memory. The performance reliability of programs written in this language is high and is not specific to the operating system, in other words, it can run on any computer with any kind of operating system.

Java programs are compiled as binary code. They are like machine code and are not particularly specific to the operating system.In this post, you can download more than 50 Java programming tutorials from a specialized programming source .Topics in these books:Java Programming Guide (JAVA)Java Professional and Advanced Software DevelopmentWorking with the database in JavaWork with xml filesHow to encrypt data and decryptWork with files and IO libraryJava ProgrammingCommunicate with Oracle databases in javaSecurity in Java applicationsWorking with thread and designing multi-threaded programsWorking with the Web Service on javaAnd One of the features of Java is its portability.

That is, a Java program must run similarly on different computers with different hardware. And it should have the ability to write once, once compiled and run on all computers. This will store the compiled Java code, but not as a machine code, but as a Java byte code. The instructions are similar to the machine code, but run with virtual machines specifically written for different hardware. Finally, the user uses the Java platform installed on their machine or web browser. Standard libraries provide a common way to access specific features. Such as graphics, nicks and grids. In some versions of the Java Virtual Machine, byte codes can compile local codes before and during the execution of the program.

The main advantage of using bytecode is to partition. But the overall translation means translated programs are almost always running slower than local compiled programs. This gap can be reduced by some optimistic techniques that were introduced in previous JVM applications. One of these techniques is JIT, which translates Java byte code into local code and then hides it. As a result, the program starts and runs much faster than pure translated codes. Most advanced VMs, in the form of dynamic re-compilation, are used in VM analysis, program execution and recompiling behavior, and optimization of program parts. Duplicate recompile can optimize static compilation. Because it can detect the hot spot of the program and sometimes internal circles that may increase the runtime of the program. JIT compilation and dynamic re-compilation allow Java programs to increase the speed of executing local codes without losing the transmission capability.

Course Heading List

  1. O'Reilly.Java.IO
  2. O'Reilly.Java.Management.Extensions
  3. O'Reilly.Java.Message.Service
  4. O'Reilly.Java.Network.Programming.2nd.Edition
  5. O'Reilly.Java.NIO
  6. O'Reilly.Java.Performance.Tuning.2nd.Edition
  7. O'Reilly.Java.Programming.with.Oracle.JDBCO'Reilly.Java.Reference.Library.1.2
  8. O'Reilly.Java.Reference.Library.1.3
  9. O'Reilly.Java.RMI
  10. O'Reilly.Java.Security.2nd.Edition
  11. O'Reilly.Better.Faster.Lighter.Java
  12. O'Reilly.Building.Java.Enterprise.Applications.Volume.1.Architecture
  13. O'Reilly.Creating.Effective.JavaHelp
  14. O'Reilly.Database.Programming.with.JDBC.and.Java.2nd.Edition
  15. O'Reilly.Designing.Enterprise.Applications.with.Java.2.Enterprise.Edition
  16. O'Reilly.Developing.Java.Beans
  17. O'Reilly.Enterprise.JavaBeans.4th.EditionO'Reilly.Hardcore.Java
  18. O'Reilly.Hibernate.A.Developer.NotebookO'Reilly.J2EE.Design.Patterns
  19. O'
  20. O'Reilly.Jakarta.Commons.Cookbook
  21. O'Reilly.Java.1.5.Tiger.A.Developer's.Notebook
  22. O'Reilly.Java.2D.Graphics
  23. O'Reilly.Java.and.SOAP
  24. O'Reilly.Java.and.XML.2nd.EditionO'Reilly.Java.and.XML.Data.Binding
  25. O'Reilly.Java.and.XSLT
  26. O'Reilly.Java.and.XSLT
  27. O'Reilly.Java.Cryptography
  28. O'Reilly.Java.Cryptography
  29. O'Reilly.Java.Database.Best.Practices
  30. O'Reilly.Java.Distributed.Computing
  31. O'Reilly.Java.Distributed.Computing
  32. O'
  33. O'Reilly.Java.Extreme.Programming.Cookbook
  34. O'Reilly.Java.Servlet.and.JSP.Cookbook
  35. O'Reilly.Java.Servlet.Programming
  36. O'Reilly.Java.Swing.2nd.Edition
  37. O'Reilly.Java.Threads.2nd.Edition
  38. O'
  39. O'Reilly.Java.Web.Services
  40. O'Reilly.JavaServer.Faces
  41. O'Reilly.JavaServer.Pages.3rd.Edition
  42. O'Reilly.JBoss.3.2.Workbook.for.Enterprise.JavaBeans.3rd.Edition
  43. O'Reilly.Learning.Java.2nd.Edition
  44. O'Reilly.Learning.Wireless.Java
  45. O'
  46. O'
  47. Addison.Wesley.Effective.Java.Programming.Language.Guide
  48. Addison.Wesley.LDAP.programming.with.Java
  49. Java.Programming.Spidders, .Bots, .and.Aggregators
  50. JavaServer.Pages.2nd.Edition
Download over 50 Java programming books

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