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Adcanced VBScript for Microsoft Windows AdministratorHis script is a simple scripting language that is usable in Windows. This language is a small sample of Visual Basic language and those who have worked with Visual Basic have come a long way in learning this language and just learn the differences with Visual Basic. This language is also used to add effects to web pages. But its superior application is to write server-side applications based on asp technology. This language is the default language for writing asp pages. In this tutorial, Advanced VBScript first introduces you to the VBScript scripting language, and then learns how to use advanced scripting features in web designing and server-side applications.Applied WPF 4 in ContextIn this eBook, you'll learn how to build and implement WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) with the best examples and tutorials for using them in building applications. Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) service was an ongoing effort from Microsoft's company to use its various languages ​​and services in various programming languages.In this tutorial, Pro DLR in .NET 4, you will learn how to use Ruby and Python languages ​​in the .NET Framework framework.The skills you will learn in this book will be as follows:Introduction to DLRDLR ExpressionLate Binding and CachingLate Binding and InteroperabilityDynamic ObjectsDLR Hosting APIDLR and Aspect-Oriented ProgrammingMetaprogrammingStitch - A DSL for Hosting LanguagesApplication ScriptingDLR in SilverlightDynamic Languages ​​for JVM Beginning F # Dec 2009The F Sharp programming language provides you with a secure and efficient environment in the .NET platform. It is a simple and practical language that you can use in object-oriented programming, I / O programming, Parallel CPU programming, and scripting.This mix has been so successful that the language is now taught for the first time in Visual Studio 2010 language classes, and can also be used in Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems.The skills you will learn in this book include:How to Get, Install, and Use F SharpFunctional ProgrammingImperative ProgrammingObject-Oriented ProgrammingOrganizing, Annotating, and Quoting CodeThe F # LibrariesUser InterfacesData AccessParallel ProgrammingDistributed ApplicationsLanguage-Oriented ProgrammingParsing TextCompatibility and Advanced Interoperability Beginning in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 LightSwitch DevelopmentA huge part of the time for programmers to work with the database and write CRUD commands, Microsoft has launched a new version of Visual Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 LightSwitch 2011 to simplify the work. One of its benefits is the ability to use it from beginner to professional programmersThis software saves time in commercial projects in three areas:Simplifying database and data coding conventionsBuild the most beautiful user interfaces with several mouse clicksSimplifying the writing of codes that implement business logic Beginning Visual CSharp 2010Object-oriented programming language and high-level Visual C # 2010 programming language is a programming language for applications using Visual Studio 2010.This tutorial will familiarize you with the structure of the C # programming language and the .NET 4 programming environment.In this book you will learn:CHAPTER 1: Introducing C SharpChapter 2: Writing a C # ProgramCHAPTER 3: Variables and ExpressionsCHAPTER 4: Flow ControlCHAPTER 5: More About VariablesCHAPTER 6: FunctionsCHAPTER 7: Debugging and Error HandlingChapter 8: Introduction to Object-Oriented ProgrammingChapter 9: Defining ClassesCHAPTER 10: Defining ClassMembersChapter 11: Collections, Comparisons, and ConversionsCHAPTER 12: GenericsChapter 13: Additional OOP TechniquesChapter 14: C # Language EnhancementsCHAPTER 15: Basic Windows ProgrammingChapter 16: Advanced Windows Forms FeaturesChapter 17: Deploying Windows ApplicationsChapter 18: ASP.NET Web ProgrammingChapter 19: Web ServicesCHAPTER 20: Deploying Web ApplicationsCHAPTER 21: File SystemDataCHAPTER 22: XMLChapter 23: Introduction to LINQCHAPTER 24: Applying LINQChapter 25: Windows Presentation FoundationChapter 26: Windows Communication FoundationChapter 27: The Windows Workflow FoundationBeginning.ASP.NET.SecurityThis book is intended to provide the knowledge and skills needed to implement security on ASP .NET Web sites. This book will teach you how to encounter and debug ASP .NET applications using multiple examples of how to attack ASP codes.In this book you will learn:CHAPTER 1: WHY WEB SECURITY MATTERSCHAPTER 2: HOW THE WEB WORKSCHAPTER 3: SAFELY ACCEPTING USER INPUTCHAPTER 4: USING QUERY STRINGS, FORM FIELDS, EVENTS, AND BROWSER INFORMATIONCHAPTER 5: CONTROLLING INFORMATIONCHAPTER 6: KEEPING SECRETS SECRET - HASHING AND ENCRYPTIONCHAPTER 7: ADDING USERNAMES AND PASSWORDSCHAPTER 8: SECURELY ACCESSING DATABASESCHAPTER 9: USING THE FILE SYSTEMCHAPTER 10: SECURING XMLCHAPTER 11: SHARING DATA WITH WINDOWS COMMUNICATION FOUNDATIONCHAPTER 12: SECURING RICH INTERNET APPLICATIONSCHAPTER 13: UNDERSTANDING CODE ACCESS SECURITYCHAPTER 14: SECURING INTERNET INFORMATION SERVER (IIS)CHAPTER 15: THIRD-PARTY AUTHENTICATIONCHAPTER 16: SECURE DEVELOPMENT WITH THE ASP.NET MVC FRAMEWORKBeginning.Google.Maps.ApplicationsThis Beginning Book of Google Maps Applications with Rails and Ajax is designed to build mappings based on Rails technology using the Google Maps programming environment.Using the tutorials in this tutorial, you will be able to customize paths, maps and locations. So that you will be able to fully implement the services and facilities of a specific location in the Google Maps application programming environment.In this book you will learn the following:Google Maps and Rails Interacting with the User and the Videoconferencing Addresses Manipulating Third-Party Data Improving the User Interface Optimization and Scaling for Large Data Sets What's next for the Google Maps API?Advanced Tips and Tricks Lines, Lengths, and Areas Advanced Geo coding Topics

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