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Download Android App Development With Java Essential Course

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Course Heading List

1. Introduction11m 18s

2. Welcome 47s

3. Using the exercise files 48s

4. What you should know 1m 29s

5. Updates to Android Development Toolkit 8m 14s

6. Getting Started28m 19s

7. Installing the SDK tools on a Windows machine 4m 12s

8. Installing the SDK tools on a Mac 1m 32s

9. Installing platforms and samples 3m 11s

10. Creating an Android Virtual Device (emulator) 5m 46s

11. Installing Eclipse on a Mac 2m 50s

12. Installing Eclipse is a Windows machine 3m 56s

13. Installing Android Development Tools 4m 43s

14. Preparing an Android device for development 2m 9s

15. Android App Fundamentals1h 24m

16. Overview of Android development 8m 51s

17. Understanding project creation and structure 9m 44s

18. Working with the AndroidManifest.xml file 4m 27s

19. Creating and managing activities 16m 17s

20. Using explicit intents 10m 15s

21. Using implicit intents 8m 45s

22. Creating and using resources 9m 47s

23. Understanding security and permissions 7m 2s

24. Debugging an app 9m 6s

25. The User Interface and Controls 50m 55s

26. Understanding units and layout 7m 11s

27. Using layout managers 7m 7s

28. Working with text controls 7m 15s

29. Building button controls 6m 34s

30. Building list controls 7m 12s

31. Building custom list layouts 12m 20s

32. Other interesting controls 3m 16s

33. Graphics and Styling28m 1s

34. Creating and using styles 7m 36s

35. Creating and using the 4m 56s

36. Creating icons 7m 20s

37. Creating NinePatch drawables 8m 9s

38. Supporting Multiple Screens11m 26s

39. Understanding screen size and density 6m 19s

40. Providing alternate layouts 5m 7s

41. Animation and Graphics 25m 59s

42. Setting up frame-by-frame animation 8m 56s

43. Showing tween animation 10m 22s

44. Working in 2D graphics 6m 41s

45. Menus and Dialogs33m 19s

46. Setting up options menus 8m 50s

47. Building context menus 7m 16s

48. Building alert dialogs 7m 4s

49. Setting up progress dialogs 5m 11s

50. Creating custom dialogs 4m 58s

51. Notifications and Toast15m 18s

52. Displaying status bar notifications 12m 0s

53. Displaying toast notifications 3m 18s

54. Working with Media 17m 10s

55. Setting up audio playback 4m 0s

56. Establishing video playback 5m 11s

57. Accessing the camera and camera roll 7m 59s

58. Preferences and Data Storage 43m 35s

59. Using shared preferences 8m 41s

60. Creating a preferences activity 9m 4s

61. Using the SQLite database 8m 47s

62. Setting up network access 10m 25s

63. Using ContentProviders 6m 38s

64. Locations and Maps24m 45s

65. Incorporating Google Maps 14m 1s

66. Using GPS to find the current location 10m 44s

67. Creating a Home Screen Widget 34m 24s

68. Creating a simple home-screen widget 17m 14s

69. Creating a widget configuration activity 17m 10s

70. Publishing Your App18m 51s

71. Preparing for publishing 4m 3s

72. Signing and building 3m 32s

73. Preparing the graphics 3m 34s

74. Publishing to the Android Market 7m 42sa. Conclusion6m 18s

75. Using the SDK samples 2m 30s

76. More useful resources

Download Android App Development With Java Essential Course

Download Android App Development With Java Essential Course


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