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ARM Micro controller training course in Farsi

You can download a huge and very valuable collection of microcontroller training from the Z80 to the ARM in the specialized programming guide .This training course was held at Isfahan University of Technology and taught by Professor Mohammad Sadeq Sadri.The quality of these videos is high and their size is about 6 gigabytes which you can download from the powerful server site.ARM processors are 32-bit processors that have superb processing power and power.

One of the most important factors that make ARM processors superior to other processors is their ultra-low power consumption. The language used for writing these micro controllers is generally c, and in some cases, these micro controllers are used by the Linux kernel, Windows CE.The low-processor volume has led the majority of micro controller space to be used for accessories such as LAN, USB, ADC, DAC, Serial, etc.

ARM Micro controller training course



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