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App Development Learn to Programming Using Visual Csharp 2010

The complete set of video tutorials for the .NET 2010 CMS 2010, which contains 24 hours of training, can be downloaded from the specialized programming reference server. This collection is about 2.4GB in size, which is packed in 8 parts of the 200 megabytes compressed for download.Headings of this tutorial:

Chapter One - Learn the Language Integrated Query (LINQ in C 2010):Familiar with LINQ command syntaxFamiliar with LINQ commands for working with databasesLearn to work with LINQ DatasetLearn how to use LINQ to work with an XML data source

Chapter Two - Learning new data-related features in Visual C 2010:Update or Update hierarchy with TableAdapterManager in C 2010Learn to cache data as LocalLearn to disassociate Dataset and TableAdapter codes in multi-layer programs (Multi Tier programs)Learn how to use LINQ To SQL classes to display dataChapter Three - Getting Started with WPF (Windows Presentation

Foundation:Introducing the WPF and its applicationsTutorial and review XAML and WPF Designer in Visual Studio 2010Introducing display controls

App Development Learn to Programming Using Visual Csharp 2010

Chapter Four - Advanced Training (WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation:Application StylesheetsLearn to build video playback control in Visual C 2010Learn to build the data source (Data Source) and perform the process of locating the source with controlsLearn to add Data Converter and Data Template

Chapter 5 - Learning Windows Communication Foundation:Introducing the Windows Communication Foundation and its applicationsTraining on the WCF structureLearn how to host a WCF serviceA simple hosting tutorial is a WCF serviceLearn how to configure WCF service

Chapter Six - Learning Windows Workflow Foundation:Introducing the Windows Workflow Foundation and its applicationsLearn to build the first workflowTraining Activities or ActivitiesLearn how to implement rules or rules in workflowsHosting tutorials are a workflow in an application written with Visual CTraining on Host and Workflow CommunicationsTraining in relation to State Machine Workflows

Chapter VII - Tutorials on Client Application Services:What is a complete tutorial and how to work with memberships, roles, and profiles on the webClient Application Services TrainingLearning to build Membership and Role or custom roles

Chapter 8 - Creating Office Applications or Office Applications in Visual Studio 2010:Introducing the uses and applications of Office projects in Visual Studio 2010Tutorial Customize Ribbon and Task PaneTeach you to code and work with Word 2007's Content controlsLearn to build an Outlook form

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